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Install and configure hp deskjet 1510 printer driver.

Hi Ieb_Fabulous,Welcome to the HP Support Forums. I gather you are trying to hook your Deskjet 1510 printer to your laptop with a wireless connection.This printer does not support wireless connectivity. I have included the Deskjet 1510 Printer Specifications for your reference.


Now connect the HP Deskjet 1510 printer USB cable to the computer when the installer wizard asks (Note: Do not plug before asking). The Wizard will start analyzing when you connect it. Once the printer is recognized, it will automatically go to further steps.Note: Wait until the printer is finished detection. We are giving you an article which guide you how to fix this HP 1510 scan issue in your printer with HP print and scan doctor utility. Please go to following links and follow its steps. If this trick doesn’t work then you have to re-install the whole driver. All the drivers are already listed in this page’s download section above. Please reply back if both tricks failed then we’ll help you more. Click here: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c03286146 Update: We have added HP 1510 Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 drivers to the above download list. Now you can easily download drivers for Windows 10 and 8.1 as well. If you have upgraded your windows from Windows 7, 8 to 10 and your HP 1510 printer has stopped working, then do uninstall the older driver and then re-install its latest Windows 10 version driver which is given below. Sorry, Hp 1510 driver for server 2008 r2 is not available even on HP official website. Either the operating system have inbuilt drivers or this printer doesn’t support this operating system. One thing that can be possible, lower version operating system driver maybe work with 2008 r2, we are not sure about it but you can try is nothing worked for you. Thanks


Hi Samiksa,Welcome to the HP Support Forums. I gather that you are trying to print from your iPad to your Deskjet 1510 printer.This printer does not support Apple’s AirPrint feature as it has no wireless capabilities. I have included the Deskjet 1510 Printer Specifications for your reference. First and foremost, make sure you’ve properly removed the printer from its box with all included pieces for swift and organized assembly. It is easy to rush through the simplest part blinded by excitement and haste, and even easier to skip the most basic of steps. If it still does not appear, an option under the “Refresh” button should appear that reads “The printer that I want isn’t listed.” Windows’ integrated troubleshooting guide will take over and search for available linked printers. Once located, Windows will provide the corresponding driver for you to download to complete the installation. Right-click or tap and hold the lower left corner of the screen to open the menu, click or tap Control Panel, click or tap Devices and Printers, double-click or double-tap the name of your HP printer, and then click HP Print Assistant to open the HP printer software.

Hp deskjet 1510 printer driver download.

“hpprinterseries.net” ~ The complete solution software includes everything you need to install the HP DeskJet 1510 Driver. This collection of software includes a complete set of hp drivers, installer software, and other administrative tools found on the printer software CD. @Yana, Thank you so much for informing us about the download link got down. We just have updated all the “HP 1510” driver download links with the latest one. Now, you can download the drivers from above same links easily. We also have added the drivers HP 1510 drivers for Windows 10 and MAC 10.10. Please try it now. Question: HP Deskjet 1510 all-in-one. serial No.CN431174D5 Regulatory model no. SNPRB-1204-01. I have misplaced the installation CD While shifting from Dubai to Mumbai India. Gave my HP laptop for service. They have removed all my drives. Please help me to install the above printer to my laptop. I have inserted HP colour cartridge which I purchased from Dubai. i want driver for hp deskjet 1510. The HP Deskjet 1510 Printer Driver provides an essential form of communication between a computer and the 1510 series of HP desktop printers. There can be times when a user will have to upgrade to this version in order to address specific performance issues. While the latest driver version (32.2) is included, the package also offers a user-friendly installation guide as well as optional software. It can work with Windows 8.1 systems although recent upgrades also include Windows 11 compatibility. HP Deskjet 1510 is an all-in-one printer which gives us good quality prints and also gives us ink efficiency. Scan drivers of HP Deskjet 1510 are also available in this installer. This document explains how to install the print driver and alternative packaging for your hp printer. Please propose this if you intend to use a USB cable to attach your printer to a PC running the Windows eight package. HP Deskjet 1510 Driver – The HP Deskjet 1510 is a small, neat, white unit – very inconspicuous when not used. Uncommonly for an HP inkjet, a paper-feed tray folds up from the printer’s top; the machine feeds from the back instead of the front. The tray is black, approving web pages from A4 to 15 x 10cm instead of the remainder of the body. HP Deskjet 1510 Driver – The color publishes quality experiences regarding the vibrancy, and we have found some of the publish outs are marked with scrapes from the paper feed rollers. The Deskjet 1510 will be enough for laid-back picture prints, but we would not suggest it for pictures you want to maintain. The HP Deskjet 1510 driver is an all-in-one printer that has a specialty in saving and conserving energy. It has an attached scanner and copier, and while it doesn’t mainly win any awards for performance, it offers a pretty decent option for people with minor printing needs.